Episode 28: Kazplay

kazplay cosplay

Greetings Entreprenerds!

My guest this week is Laura aka Kazul from Kazplay. She is an amazing cosplayer focusing on beasts and creatures. Her Hogger cosplay was recently the Blizzcon 2017 Costume Contest Winner. She details all of her creations in helpful video and picture tutorials.

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • 7:30 How Kazul chooses new projects
  • 8:20 Competing in cosplay competitions like Blizzcon and tips for first timers
  • 12:30 Turning Kazplay Into a Business
  • 17:45 Creating Cosplay Project Hashtags and Promoting Kazplay on Social
  • 23:30 Creating Quality Youtube Videos
  • 29:00 Running Cosplay Panels
  • 36:30 Monetizing Kazplay through products and patterns
  • 44:05 One piece of advice for someone just starting out

Here are the links to everything we talked about:

Be sure to check out Kazplay on YoutubeTwitterInstagram and Facebook for cosplay tutorials and information about upcoming conventions and view the items she has for sale on her Etsy.

I’d really appreciate any feedback either on Twitter @UndertheCapes, in the blog comments or through a rating on iTunes or Stitcher. Thanks and see you soon!



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