The Under the Capes Podcast is your Geek Business Guide for creating a brand out of the hobbies and fandoms you love. We go under the capes of bloggers, cosplayers, artists, gamers, podcasters and other entreprenerds to show you how they have built a following around what they love.

My name is Tim Ludy and I’m a geek, cosplayer and writer just starting my own journey into building a geek business. As I interview the heroes of the pop culture and maker industries I’ll be asking the questions of a newcomer so you and I can take this journey together. I’ll also share the lessons I learn as I build up my own social media following, blog about pop culture, post Youtube cosplay tutorials and experiment with other ways to grow the Under the Capes brand.

When I first started attending Comic-cons and exploring the geek community I saw people turning their passions into a business and a brand they can be proud of. And anyone else can do the same. The goal of this podcast is to inspire others to follow in my guest’s footprints, learn from their advice and grow their own geek business out of something their passionate about.

If you’d like to learn more or connect, feel free to reach out on social media or through email at tim at underthecapes.com