Episode 12: Special SDCC Recap Show

Episode 12: Special SDCC Recap Show

sdcc san diego comic-con recap showGreetings entreprenerds! I hope anyone that was able to make the trip had a great time at San Diego Comic-con! In this episode I’m joined again by Rob and Lee as we do a quick recap on our favorite parts of this year’s convention.

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We discuss:

  • Favorite Offsites
  • Favorite Parties
  • Favorite Panels
  • Magic Tournaments
  • Plans to improve next year
  • Tips for SDCC attendees
  • Emergenseat – collapsible seat for waiting in line

I hope you’ve enjoyed these Comic-con specific episodes. Next week we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled podcast where I interview entreprenerds about building their geek business. If you want me to try more things like this, or if you think I should stick to the usual format, be sure to give me some feedback in the comments below, on iTunes or Stitcher or on Twitter @UndertheCapes.

Thanks, see you next week!

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