Episode 13: Nerd Chronic

Episode 13: Nerd Chronic

Nerd Chronic podcast geek brand sdccGreetings entreprenerds!

My guest this week is Kam and Eric from Nerd Chronic. The Nerd Chronic Nerdcast discusses movies, TV, video games, comic books and other geek and entertainment topics. They review movies and TV shows and cover a wide range of topics such as future Marvel movie predictions, comic book superpowers and dream casts for superhero movies.

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  • In this episode we discuss:
  • How Nerd Chronic got started
  • How to create high quality podcast audio
  • Promoting their show through social media and live events
  • GeekTyrant – PodTyrant
  • Eric’s trip to San Diego Comic Con
  • Episode 7: Geeks World Wide
  • Videos and other future plans for Nerd Chronic

Be sure to listen to Nerd Chronic at NerdChronic.com and follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

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