Episode 7: Geeks World Wide

This week our guest is Casey Walsh, Editor in Chief of Geeks World Wide.

The GWW is a blog and podcast network with over 50 contributors adding news, editorials and podcasts to the show. Included in their network is the Capes Crew Podcast, Comic Noobs Show and Press Any Key.

Casey joined The GWW as editor of the comics section, which has now become the websites most popular area and features daily post with unique Comic editorials, reviews and previews. Along with Will Elizondo, he started the GWW Capes Crew podcast. A weekly show dedicated to to all things Comics, Superheros and Sequential Art. After a year of creating content for GWW I was made its Editor in Chief.

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In this interview we discuss:

  • Becoming a contributor on media sites
  • The state of the media industry
  • Building up your reputation as a writer
  • Their experience renaming The GWW
  • Managing a large team of contributors
  • The future of the Fantastic Four franchise (small tangent, but who doesn’t love Marvel’s first family)

Here are the links to everything we discussed:

Be sure to reach out to Casey on Twitter @TheComixKid and follow The GWW @The_GWW on Twitter, TheGWW on Facebook and Instagram and Geeks World Wide on Youtube.

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