Episode 5: The Hall H Show

Episode 5: The Hall H Show

Greetings entreprenerds!

This week I talk with Aaron Nabus from HallH.com. Hall H is a news and media blog covering the Comic Book and Pop Culture universe – providing exclusive interviews with artists, writers and other creatives as well as introspective commentary about comic books, movies, television, anime, manga, collectibles, poster art, San Diego Comic-Con and more!

Co-founded by Alex Benedicto, Aaron Nabus and Ed Santos in June 2014, its mission is to pay homage to the past while also looking forward to the future by being a promoter of emerging talent and non-mainstream works that deserve more attention.

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Aaron and I discuss the mission they have for Hall H, SDCCfit and this year’s San Diego Comic-con. This week’s show includes:

  • How Aaron, Alex and Ed formed Hall H
  • Meeting and reaching out to people to interview
  • How their podcast works with a loose program and formula
  • The growth of SDCCfit
  • Hall H’s goal for SDCC2017

There are a ton of links this week as Aaron highlights plenty of comic industry professionals and people that are worth a follow. Check them out:

Be sure to follow Aaron and Hall H at HallH.com, on Twitter at @HallHdotcom, @SDCCfit and @AaronNabus and on Facebook.

Next week I’ll be talking with Wade from Mulehorn Gaming about how they’ve created their long running podcast.

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