Episode 29: The Nerdy Basement

Greetings Entreprenerds!

My guest this week is Ozzmoesis from The Nerdy Basement, an excellent source of comic book and pop culture news through their Instagram and Podcast. The podcast is produced bi-weekly with Ozzmoesis and his co-hosts Tony and Fez and you can find nearly hourly updates on their social media channels for all the latest nerdy news.

Listen on iTunes or Stitcher.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • 7:15 How he keeps up with posting content frequently and consistently
  • 10:45 Being the first source of news for people
  • 12:00 Responding to Instagram’s algorithm
  • 15:45 Season 2 of The Nerdy Basement Podcast
  • 19:00 Finding time for podcast recording in busy schedules
  • 12:00 How the podcast evolved over time and expanded to new audiences
  • 24:30 Experiences promoting at conventions and 2018 convention plans
  • 29:15 Best ways to promote Nerdy Basement
  • 31:45 Future plans
  • 34:15 Why Patience and Consistency are key to building your geek brand

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I’d really appreciate any feedback either on Twitter @UndertheCapes, in the blog comments or through a rating on iTunes or Stitcher. Thanks and see you soon!


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