Episode 4: Nerd Fu

Episode 4: Nerd Fu

Welcome to the show, entreprenerds!

This week I’m talking to the founders of Nerd Fu, Steve and Sully. Nerd Fu launched in April 2013 and now shares the latest and greatest in nerd news and needs including Movies, TV, collectibles, gaming, comics, conventions & more. They also host the weekly Nerd Fu podcast.

We cover a lot of really great stuff including:

  • Why to think of your nerd brand like a business
  • Attending ComicPalooza
  • Creating content during comic-cons
  • Importance of planning out your podcast episodes
  • Promoting through different channels
  • Creating giveaways
  • Plans for growing the Nerd Fu brand
  • Advice for going to San Diego Comic Con

Here are the links to everything we discussed during the show:

Head over to TheNerdFu.com and follow them on Twitter @TheNerdFu and Facebook at /NerdFu.

This week I tried something new by having my guests record their audio separately and combining our tracks after rather than recording directly off Skype so please let me know how this episode sounds!

Next week I’ll be talking with Aaron from The Hall H show which turned into a really cool and in-depth discussion that I think you’ll get a lot out of.

I’d really appreciate any feedback either on Twitter @UndertheCapes, in the blog comments or through a rating on iTunes or Stitcher. Thanks and see you next week!

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