Episode 22: Convention The Film

Under the Capes Episode 22 Convention the Film

Greeting entreprenerds!

My guest this week is Dan Nastro, the writer, director, cinematographer and editor of Convention.

A young woman is introduced to the colorful, bewildering and often weird world of a NY comic convention by her new boyfriend, a convention-loving fanboy on the rebound from a recent break-up. The short film was shot on location at New York Comic Con using the convention itself as one of the main characters.

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In this great discussion we talk about:

  • Dan’s career in filmmaking
  • Drawing from real life for the story of Convention
  • Finding the right cast
  • Challenges of filming guerrilla style at Comic Con
  • Plans for releasing Convention
  • Future plans for more films or TV shows with Comic Con as the setting
  • Plans for New York Comic Con 2017

Head to ConventiontheFilm.com to view the trailer and learn more about the story, cast and crew. Also be sure to follow them on Twitter @ConventionFilm and on Facebook.

If you’re attending NYCC2017 next week be sure to look for Dan and the cast and follow them on Twitter to learn more about any special events they may have during the week!

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