Episode 19: Matthew Phillion Author of The Indestructibles

Under the Capes Episode 19: Matthew Phillion Author of The Indestructibles series

Greetings Entreprenerds!

This week I talk to the author of The Indestructibles series, Matthew Phillion.

The series has been described as the “Breakfast Club meets the JLA” and was listed as the best of 2014 and 2015 by SuperheroNovels.com.

A solar powered girl. A ballerina vigilante. A boy with an alien living inside his brain. A werewolf with confidence issues.  A girl with a black hole for a heart. Five teenagers, each with their own unique abilities, are gathered by veteran hero Doc Silence to become their generation’s super-team.

But when they find out someone else is building their own monsters to change the world, will the Indestructibles be ready in time? Or will their inexperience be their downfall?

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I met Matt at Boston Comic Con last month and talked to him for a few minutes (which I recorded and shared in the Boston Comic Con Recap Episode) and now we were able to sit down for a much lengthier discussion where we cover:

  • His lifelong writing career
  • Working as an actor and director before focusing on writing
  • How comic books influenced The Indestructibles
  • Finding a writing schedule and process that works for him
  • The difference between “Planners” and “Pantsers”
  • How comic cons puts him in touch with his ideal audience
  • Building an expanded universe of books
  • Future plans for The Indestructibles series

Books 1-4 of The Indestructibles, Echo and the Sea and all of the one-shots and holiday stories set in the “Indestructiverse” are available in paperback, Kindle, Nook, iBook and Kobo formats. For more information, visit theindestructiblesbook.com or follow Matt on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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