Episode 15: Everyone’s Hero Cosplay

Episode 15: Everyone’s Hero Cosplay

Everyones Hero Cosplay

Greetings Entreprenerds!

This is a special pre-Boston Comic Con and cosplay episode of Under the Capes. My guest this week is Everyone’s Hero Cosplay. In the three years Marcos has been cosplaying he has created over 60 cosplays and been to dozens of conventions including New York Comic Con, Katsucon, PAX East and this week’s Boston Comic Con.

In this episode we talk about how he keeps the many work in progress cosplays organized, how he takes and edits photos and the importance of reaching out to other cosplayers before and after conventions.

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Be sure to follow Everyone’s Hero on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and look out for him all this weekend at Boston Comic Con!

Stay tuned this Monday for a special Post-Boston Comic Con episode where I’ll share interviews from attendees!

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